Business Case
Business Case C2C Insurance
Blockchain means that intermediaries can be eliminated. Intermediates / Third parties can be done away with to the greatest extent in a customer-to-customer insurance company. Due to increasing municipal debt and cautious investment policies, citizens of the city of Herford, one of the deeply indebted communes within the region of Eastern Westphalia-Lippe , decide to...
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Business Case B2C Insurance
A British fittings manufacturer changed its strategy in 2005 so that it would be able to supply products to the international market at lower cost, and has been the global market leader in the premium fittings sector for years. Currently, the company handles bricks-and-mortar sales via a network of retailers comprised of wholesalers and property...
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Business Case B2B Insurance
An American online mail-order retailer is aiming to introduce its business services to the mobility and logistics market. The company brought transport drones to the market to cover its own needs, and for consumers, and quickly finds itself forced — within the applicable regulations — to take out an aviation insurance policy for unmanned aircraft....
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