Business Case B2B Insurance
An American online mail-order retailer is aiming to introduce its business services to the mobility and logistics market. The company brought transport drones to the market to cover its own needs, and for consumers, and quickly finds itself forced — within the applicable regulations — to take out an aviation insurance policy for unmanned aircraft....
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Use Cases for Blockchain and Insurance as a service
Gain deeper insights in the use of blockchain in captives.  The article identifies four major use cases that elevates the captive by using blockchain technologies: How can a customer-to-customer insurance by a captive look like? How are traditional business-to-customer or business-to-business insurances by a captive effected by blockchain?  And how might insurance-as-a-service by a captive look...
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Megatrends: a curse or blessing for the captives market?
How can megatrends effect the insurance market and why are traditional risk takers not interested in taking risks?
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How Captives enable risk management
The captive solution—a company’s own piggy bank—emerges as a contemporary approach to new risks that may be covered at only great expense, or not at all, on the traditional insurance market. There are solutions that fit to companies dealing with risks at only great expense or even non insurable risks. The company’s own piggy bank...
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